The Masters program in Technology and Security will enable its graduates to:

• Acquire training that combines theoretical understanding of insecurity with the technical abilities required for the management of security policies from a comparative perspective.

• Gain better grasp of the technological angle of security, currently a well-established factor in security management but not in training practices.

• Acquire, thanks to the multidisciplinary and practical emphasis on the program, a range of knowledge and experience about best and worst practices in a global context.

Develop any security related task, from the technical and managerial as much as academic and specialized consulting standpoints.

Understand, holistically, the process through which security demands are formulated and how public policy responds to them.

• Elaborate, manage and evaluate public policies relating to security.

• Efficiently develop the responsibilities of institutional or social actors in the democratic governance of security.

• Introduce a deep understanding of the security risks and potentials presented by technology into security studies.