Online Master’s Programme by the University of Girona & Eticas

This University Master’s programme offers rigorous training in theory, policy and practice aimed at academics and professionals seeking to improve their knowledge of issues relating to technology and security. The modules offered in this program cover issues from social science perspectives on surveillance and legal aspects, to practical training for security policymaking and governance. This masters program therefore respond to the need to generate flexible talent able to meet evolving security and technology challenges.


Technology is an increasingly important element of security policies and practices. Contemporary security practices are heavily reliant on sensory technologies such as video cameras and automated tools for data mining and tracking. There is a growing need for public policy on security to take into account questions of technology, particularly relating to how policies can be democratically designed, how technologies can be designed to account for their societal impacts, and how security policy can reflect a society in which interaction increasingly takes place online and through the treatment of personal data. It is therefore essential that policy-makers as well as private and nonprofit organizations gain an appreciation of the stakes involved in security technologies, in terms of policy evaluation, democratic control over security policy, and understanding of technological design.

Successful students will receive the Degree in Masters in Technology and Security from the University of Girona.

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